Mirrored Mitten

Awesome series where people read stuff and use an overhead projector.  Preach.  Teach.  

Selling stuff sucks

I’m done selling the zine Mirrored Mitten.  It will always be given for free.  You want one, tell me.  Free is fucking better.  Thanks!

Mirrored Mitten Volume #2

It’s finally done! If you want a copy let me know! If not, suck it. Also, I’ll be selling them at Petes Candy Store on Sunday from 2-7 for Pete’s Mini Zine Fest.



A dream in Michigan.

A dream in Michigan.

Treat your ears right. Listen to this album.

Back to NYC

I’m leaving Michigan tomorrow. Good times. No earthquake though. Oh well. Recording punk record with Uncontrolled Sunday! Pictures eventually. Ruined a roll so not excited. Fuck em.

Hey There Michigan

Today was pretty sweet. When to Motown and got to see where all the greats recorded. Found a cool record store and picked up some Detroit originals. Ate at Slows BBQ even though I don’t eat meat. Awesome okra/pea fritters and fake chicken sandwich. Got Mirrored Mitten Volume #1 in Astro Coffee in the Corktown section of Detroit in the free reading bin. Saw a neighborhood gone terribly wrong. Finally, I realized that Detroit loves corned beef. Who knew? Good first full day. Tomorrow: Dream Cruise down Woodward Avenue and a wedding.

My dad’s band from the 60’s.  Pretty good stuff.

Oh Anime!

Wrote a poem today about Anime and why it’s awesome.  It will be the dedication section for Mirrored Mitten Volume #2.  Not sure how my expansive fan base will take it, but I have to do it.  The world must know that Anime is indeed a form of organized crime (Refused reference).  But seriously, it’s awesome.  I’ve been stuck on Sgt. Frog, which is awesome plus this weird one called Chobits where everyone’s personal computer is an actual robot and of course people keep falling in love with their computers cause their cute.  Plus there’s tons more.  Just finished Samurai Champloo, which was fuckin amazing.  And I can go on and on.  But yeah, wrote a poem, it’s pretty sweet.  Get ready for the next volume!